Are we really going to hold Biden accountable?

Do we know what accountability is? Based on recent history, I don’t believe so.

Discussing our options for the November elections is extremely toxic. Trump sucks, and that’s all that we seem to agree on. The Democrats have nominated Joe Biden to be his main opponent. Based on his record and current mental state, his nomination has left many, myself included, quite skeptical. Our skepticism has led to a mass Liberal meltdown. They think we’re being too loud about what’s wrong with Biden. In their minds, now isn’t the time to complain about Biden, because that helps Trump.

They believe that we should elect Biden and hold him accountable later. I don’t agree with this tactic because there’s no better time than now to make substantive policy demands of Joe Biden because he still needs our votes to seize power. Why would we wait until after he’s already in power to make demands of him? What leverage do we have when he won’t need us for another four years (if he even runs for re-election)? How will Biden be incentivized to take us seriously when he didn’t have to work for our votes to get into the Oval Office? Beyond everything I just said, I simply don’t believe that we know how to hold elected officials accountable in America.

If we believed in accountability, then how did the author of the Crime Bill become the Democratic nominee in 2020? Are we holding him accountable after a career full of terrible policy decisions by rewarding him with the Presidential nomination? This lack of accountability doesn’t only apply to Biden; it applies to past Democratic Presidents as well. If we believed in accountability, Bill Clinton would be afraid to make public appearances. After a Presidency that included the ’94 Crime Bill that Biden wrote, cuts to social safety net programs, and NAFTA, why in the hell are we still listening to what William Jefferson Clinton has to say?

This amnesia is bi-partisan. In the age of Trump, Liberals have rushed to rehabilitate George W. Bush. You know, the guy that lied us into a war in Iraq that killed over a million people. The man that left the entire city of New Orleans to fend for themselves in the wake of an unprecedented Hurricane. Yep, that George W. Bush. Liberals love his cuddles with Michelle Obama, his paintings, and his chumming it up with Ellen Degeneres. You expect us to believe that the same people that have rehabilitated a war criminal that left the country in economic ruin are going to hold anyone accountable? Quite comical.

The best example of Liberal America’s disbelief in accountability has to be Barack Obama. A man that promised hope and change, but actually turned out to be a staunch protector of the status quo. The Obama Administration set new precedents in deportations and drone strikes. Our first Black President’s Administration allowed the racial wealth gap to grow on his watch as Wall Street got off scot-free for tanking our economy. I could give more examples of bad policy from Obama, but the last example necessary is what he did in Flint, Michigan, amid their water crisis:

Whenever I share this clip with people, it’s usually their first time seeing it. That, in and of itself, is a significant problem. Every American should have seen this clip. We don’t care about Obama’s tan suit; why did he completely gaslight and ignore the entire city of Flint? I can’t recall how many viral social media posts that I’ve seen over the years about how Flint still doesn’t have clean water. Why was this clip not just as popular as that trending topic? Because American Liberals don’t believe in accountability — they believe in worship culture. Too many of us think that elected officials deserve idolization and the ‘Yass queen’ treatment. Not enough of us understand that they are public employees that work for us. This is precisely what terrifies me about a Biden Administration.

Trump offends you. He’s inarticulate, inappropriate, and overtly racist. His vile behavior caused many of us, myself included, to be more engaged. If I can be honest for a moment, I don’t know if I would be writing this if Trump weren’t President. I don’t know if I’d be a community organizer by trade if it weren’t for election day in 2016. It was because of that day that I’m as engaged and as informed as I am right now, and I think this is true for a lot of us.

Unfortunately, not enough of us have exposed the grand illusion of our political duopoly. When Trump is out, we can’t simply go back to brunch. The Democrats are more interested in what Wall Street wants than what the working class wants. If you’re wondering why Congress hasn’t released another stimulus package, think about the fact that the stock market has been soaring ever since the first one. With the stock market back on the rise, they believe their job is done.

Meanwhile, unemployment peaked at 40 million people and schools struggle to reopen as the Senate enjoys their vacation. We need to keep this same activist engagement when Trump is out of office. Because if we don’t, the Democrats will continue to do us harm. Even worse, as a result of Democratic failure, the far-right will seize the Presidency again. Only this time, their leader won’t be as incompetent as Trump is.

25 year old Community Organizer from Hampton, VA. Student of Abolition & Anarcho- Communism.

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