Donald Trump: The Lesser Evil?

I’m not voting for Trump, but let’s look at why someone else would.

Let’s be honest. He embarrasses you. That’s the main problem. His racism, indecency, and overall incompetence repulses you. This was the first step. After this, you began to pay more attention to how our country is governed. You were taken down the Russiagate boondoggle, just for it to materialize in Trump remaining in office even stronger than he was before. You cheered Pelosi as she tore up Trump’s speech, just for her to give Donald his wall and his space force. You saw the pictures of the kids in cages, and were outraged. You spent so much time focusing on the bad guy, that your alleged heroes deserted you when you needed them the most. And now here we are, six months away from the opportunity to oust the anti-christ, and your heroes have told you to vote for a credibly accused sexual predator that can barely speak in complete sentences. As a result, some of your friends and family won’t bother to vote in November. Some of them will, *gasp*, even vote for the Orange Oragatang! Let’s look at why that is.

Orange Man Bad

Just…look at him…smh.

The first reason, and the easiest one to digest, is that people voted for Trump because of their attraction to all of the ‘isms’ that he portrays. America was founded in racism by and for racists. As a result, there are still racists living here. Some of them are laborers in the South and the Midwest, but many of them are white-collar workers in coastal cities. The MAGA crowd comes from many walks of life, and their hero finally allowed them to take their masks off and be who they wanted to be. However, contrary to popular belief, this does NOT define all Trump voters.

Every Trump voter finds racism tolerable, but not all of them practice overt racism. Many of the voters in the crucial swing states in 2016 that handed Trump the election had voted for Obama twice. How is it that many of the very same people who voted for our Nation’s first Black President could turn right around and vote for an overt racist? What could bring people who were ‘Progressive’ enough to vote for such a landmark of progress to turn heel so drastically? These are self-reflective questions that the Democratic Party has not asked themselves. In reality, the Donald is a symptom of greater ills in the American Government.

Trump the Symptom

Former Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang lays out the deeper issues that plague American society.

I don’t subscribe to the notion of voting for the “lesser of two evils”. However, if I did, I would have a hard time finding either Biden or Donald the ‘lesser evil’. I’m sure there are dozens of articles and op-eds about how Biden is the lesser evil. Unfortunately, this echo chamber continues to ignore the electoral liabilities that Biden has.

I’m 25 years old. Many of you might feel that that’s incredibly young, but I’ve lived through two economic recessions and at least two disastrous wars in the Middle East. For all of those political disasters, Joe Biden has helped them come to pass. Biden helped pass the bankruptcy bill which made economic viability a pipe dream for many normal Americans. Biden was a major voice in getting the Iraq War authorized by the Senate. At this point in my life, I cannot think of someone less suitable to handle the current crises that we face than Joe Biden. However, millions of Americans just received a stimulus check from the government. That’s more than they got from the Obama Administration in the last recession. No matter who you credit for that check, or how satisfied you were with it, the name on the check and on the letter it was sent out with was Donald J. Trump.

I’ve written extensively about how Biden is eerily similar to the last three Democratic Presidential candidates to lose a general election. No Democratic Presidential candidate has been able to survive having voted for the Iraq War. We’ve already seen how Trump wielded that attack against Hillary Clinton in 2016. He’ll also most likely lambast Biden over the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) as he did with Hillary in 2016 as well. Do we expect the same voters that voted against Hillary for these reasons to all of a sudden not care about these issues anymore? Unfortunately for Biden, his differences from Trump aren’t the only issues that he now faces.

One in the Same

Donald Trump has been credibly accused of sexual misconduct, and now so has Joe Biden. Donald Trump doesn’t believe that Climate Change is real, and Joe Biden proposes that we do next to nothing about it. Donald Trump is looking to cut Social Security and Medicare soon, and Joe Biden has looked to cut those programs for 40 years now. Trump’s Healthcare plan is to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and replace it with nothing. Biden plans to expand it so much that it’ll still leave ten million people uninsured while doing little if anything to lower costs. Biden talks a lot about ‘restoring America’s soul’ and yet he can barely distinguish himself from his political adversary. I don’t believe Trump and Biden to be the exact same; however, on the issues that matter most to me, they both fail miserably.

We know where a Biden Presidency will lead, we’ve already seen it in the Obama years. This makes some Americans nostalgic, and others nauseous. In November, it may very well be that enough Americans don’t want a return of the old, and risk it all on four more years on the orange infant-in-chief. If you forced me to choose, I’d choose four more years of Trump. This is because a so-called leader this repulsive and disgusting awakens America’s inner activism. The minute gains that we’d theoretically have under Biden aren’t worth how many Americans will fall asleep at the wheel.

During the Obama years, far too many of us turned a blind eye to what our government was doing. We holler and scream now because there are kids in cages at our border, but that practice occurred under Obama, too. We shudder at orange man’s xenophobia and demonization of immigrants, yet the Obama Administration set new precedents for deportations. We were all outraged when Trump recklessly sent missiles into Iran, yet Obama used more drone strikes in the Middle East than anyone before him. Trump is a blatant racist, yet he was able to enact the First Step Act. I’m not a huge fan of that legislation; however, it’s much better than the 1994 Crime Bill that Joe Biden wrote.

We’ve recently seen clamors and pleas for a return to the Bush years. A man that got us into two disastrous and wasteful wars and left our country in economic ruin. America, get a grip. If you oppose Trump’s behavior, that’s completely understandable. I agree with you. However, you should be just as outraged by his governing style as you are at his behavior. Whenever Trump’s Presidency ends, never forget the vigilance that you approached his Administration with. Keep that same energy when the President isn’t an orange oaf. We cannot expect what we aren’t willing to inspect. If we’re serious about changing our government to be more morally acceptable, then that standard must be applied to all Government Officials. I won’t vote for Trump, but be careful of pressuring people to choose between the two major candidates, for their choice might not be what you had hoped.

25 year old Community Organizer from Hampton, VA. Student of Abolition & Anarcho- Communism.

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