Pelosi, take the damn deal.

Nancy Pelosi refuses to take Trump’s stimulus deal as millions of Americans face evictions and unemployment. This is inexcusable.

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I’m at a loss, honestly and truly. The Nancy Pelosi that I’ve come to know, not personally, of course, has never had a problem working with Republicans. In fact, that’s been my main point of criticism towards her. She worked with Republicans in the Bush-era and even worked with Donald Trump on the USMCA, Border Wall, and his “Space Force.” So the moment that Donald Trump came to his senses and decided that passing another stimulus package was the right move, I thought for sure that she’d do what she does best. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

It’s amazing to me how people are shocked when the media actually does their job.

For over five years now, I’ve been apart of the progressive insurgency in the Democratic Party that has been told to compromise time after time. I’ve been lectured and had fingers waved in my face because I wasn’t realistic or pragmatic. All because I want a habitable planet and for people to be fed and housed. To put it bluntly, Nancy Pelosi has some damn nerve refusing Trump’s deal after telling her own Progressive colleagues that their priorities were too ‘pie in the sky’ to be possible. The House passed a $2.2 trillion package at the end of last month that still seemed to reach a dead-end. Trump’s $1.8 trillion stimulus proposal definitely leaves a lot to be desired, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. People are struggling to get by and can’t wait any longer. The sheer irony that Pelosi picks now of all times to play hardball with the GOP is as infuriating as it is comical.

Nancy Pelosi claims to understand and take care of the American people, and yet here we are 9 months into a pandemic and all we’ve gotten was one (1) $1200 check several months ago.

The GOP-controlled Senate believes that Trump’s deal goes too far and is too comprehensive. They don’t want to pass a bill this large because they’re only interested in spending sums of money this large on weapons of war and tax breaks for their wealthy financiers. This is precisely the case Pelosi can make all across the country for Democrats to destroy the GOP in a few weeks. Her pitch could be something like this:

“Trump has no plan for coronavirus relief; he’s merely trying to buy your votes. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who’s up for re-election as well, gives even less of a damn about the public than Trump does. We Democrats want you to be safe and secure. A vote for us is a vote for an even more comprehensive stimulus package and an actual plan to get us beyond a COVID-dominated lifestyle.”

I, a 25-year-old college dropout, came up with that statement and strategy in 45 seconds. Why can’t all of those fancy strategists do it? I believe the answer is that they don’t care enough to do it. They’re willing to anger us, the people because they don’t fear us taking their power from them. Pelosi, who’s being challenged by Progressive challenger Shahid Buttar, still has no fear that denying the American people direct aid in their most vulnerable time will result in her removal from office. It’d be a real shame if San Francisco voters in California’s 12th district voted for Buttar this election season *winks awkwardly*.

Pelosi, and the Democratic Party more broadly, feel that they only have to be a smidge better than the GOP to appease us. They’ll let us be evicted, go hungry, jobless, and as a result, be at higher risk to catch a deadly virus because they don’t fear us, and they know that we have no other alternatives. No matter what your party is, something has got to change.

No matter who you vote for, you must also take direct action after this election. Once you leave the ballot box, the job’s not done. Rather, the fight is just beginning. Look for local organizing groups in your area, and reach out to your immediate network to do the same. We can’t continue to allow elected officials of either party to play with our lives and livelihoods. We need to take ownership of our own government. This entire pandemic has shown the inequities and ineptitude of our current system, and we’ve got to change it. Some countries have only seen 5 deaths from COVID-19. Several other countries refused to allow anyone to go unhoused or without an income during this pandemic. I’ve said all of this to say that better things are indeed possible. Our government doesn’t fail us because of a lack of resources; they fail us because of misplaced priorities. It’s long past time that we rectify this problem.

25 year old Community Organizer from Hampton, VA. Student of Abolition & Anarcho- Communism.

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