The third-party candidate we should be talking about.

Biden and Trump are very undesirable to most voters. This has led many of us to talk about the Green Party. However, there’s another third-party candidate that deserves to be brought up in this discussion as well.

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When Bernie Sanders dropped out of the Democratic Primary race earlier this year, I said I’d likely be voting for the Green Party’s candidate, Howie Hawkins. Howie even sweetened the deal by picking a socialist Black woman, Angela Walker, as his running mate. I’m not against voting for the Green Party tandem by any means, but there’s another candidate that I must admit I overlooked. I’ve written about Kanye West, who has somehow made his way onto the ballot in my home state of Virginia, though I have no intention of voting for him. Today I am writing about Mark Charles, an indigenous man that makes the most compelling argument of any Presidential candidate that I’ve ever seen.

Mark Charles wants ‘We the People’ to apply to #AllThePeople.

I am not necessarily attempting to convince anyone to vote for Mark. However, I do believe that we should discuss his vision for America at the very least. Mark has been on my radar for a few months now. With all that’s happened in the year of our Lord 2020, it was this tweet that made me intrigued enough to learn more about him:

“White supremacy is a bi-partisan value.”

Those simple words, “If you #VoteBlueNoMatterWho, you are voting for the status quo, which is white supremacy.” These were precisely the words I was struggling to find in all of my writing and conversations about why I couldn’t vote Blue anymore. I decided to bookmark that tweet a few weeks ago. Today, I finally watched the roughly 18-minute TED Talk, and I was utterly blown away.

His concise analysis of why America is still to this day struggling to grapple with systemic racism and sexism is a truth-bomb. Many times, we like to say that our systems are broken. Mark argues that they’re fixed. They’re working exactly as they were intended to based on how the Constitution is written. “We The People” was never meant to include Women, Natives, or Black people. That phrase in our Constitution explicitly refers to white land-owning men.

Our founding document considers women and Black, Indigenous, or People of Color (BIPOC) less than human. We know this to be true because the next several lines never mention women while referring to men several times. Later on, it excludes Natives explicitly and classifies Blacks as 3/5ths of a person. These harsh realities help us better understand our current condition.

We shouldn’t be surprised that women are still fighting for equal pay and to control their own bodies. We shouldn’t be surprised that Indigenous people have continuously had to fight to preserve the little land they have left, and that Black people are murdered on camera by state-sanctioned terrorists. Our founding document laid the foundation for these systemic injustices to manifest.

These seething and sobering truths are everything I wish I’d learned in school. These demystifying and illuminating words are everything that the oppressed people of America need to hear, especially in this moment. However, accurately describing how we got to this point is not enough. His plans to correct our path is what’s critical.

Mark’s policies page maps out his plan for hitting the reset button on our country. He begins with the changes that we need to make to our Constitution. He wants to remove all of the racist and sexist language from our founding document, most notably the 13th Amendment. Charles aims to strengthen this Amendment as a means to abolish all forms of slavery in the United States entirely. Not just chattel slavery, no loophole for incarceration, but to completely abolish slavery in this country.

When we talk about systemic racism, the need for us to get directly to the root of our problems is barely ever discussed. Changing the language in the document that our entire governmental system is based on does just that. I encourage anyone, whether you plan to vote for Mark or not, to look through his policy page as a means to completely reimagine this country in this time of national uprising.

If you’ve gotten this far, you’ve probably wished that Mark had a legitimate chance to be elected our next President. Even if you’re too afraid of the political duopoly to vote for Mark, there’s no reason why we can’t incorporate his vision for America into our discourse on how to reckon with systemic racism and sexism. Throughout history, third parties in this country have risen and fallen. The most successful ones may not have broken the duopoly, but they did succeed in creating popular policy platforms that the major parties couldn’t ignore. At the very least, we, the people, must make this happen with Mark Charles’s vision for conciliation in America. We’ve already seen some things from Bernie Sanders’s platform become popularized. We can organize our way into doing the same thing with Mark’s ideas as well. Together, we can finally ensure that “We the People” really include #AllThePeople.

Written by

25 year old Community Organizer from Hampton, VA. Student of Abolition & Anarcho- Communism.

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