Young Black voters, keep applying the pressure!

Young voters, specifically young Black voters, make Biden and the Democrats earn your votes! Treat this like a romantic ‘entanglement’ & don’t settle for less than what you deserve!

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I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. I’m tired of being called lazy while engaging in nothing but hard work. I’m tired of needing a college degree to get a good-paying job, but that college degree costing me more than I’ll make in a year at this alleged ‘good-paying job.’ I’m terrified that I’ll never be able to afford to have children. I’m even more terrified that I’ll have children just for the planet to explode. Do you know what I’m most tired of? I’m most tired of the very people that destroyed our economy, planet, and our futures, demanding that I vote for who they want me to.

If it’s one thing Boomers have, it’s the . I’m terrified of Trump, I truly am. Cornel West correctly refers to him as a ‘neo-fascist gangster.’ I have no plans to vote for him. However, the political party that refuses even to attempt to guarantee us all paid-sick leave and Healthcare in a global pandemic isn’t going to help me enough either. The party who’s legislative leaders didn’t bother to remember George Floyd’s name don’t deserve my vote. The people that decided that instead of writing legislation to defund the police, it was better to kneel while donning Kente cloths as a means of addressing police brutality. I don’t believe that they deserve any of our votes. They need to beat Trump to retain their legitimacy, and we need to beat Trump to sustain our lives. I propose that we bully these SOBs into earning our support.

Joe Biden sucks, we all know it. His track record, whack! His policy proposals, whack! His speaking skills, whack! Me? I’m…terrified of what his Presidency would most likely bring *insert crying emoji here*. We don’t have a better option, though, do we? Well, Howie Hawkins and Mark Charles would make superb Presidents in my opinion, but I know, I know…they’d never win enough votes to actually win the Presidency, so why waste a vote on them? However, why waste an opportunity to demand the Democratic party get with the times? Why waste our votes on people that only want to enact symbolic changes and refuse to rise to this crucial moment in history? Many of us have taken to the streets, and I love to see this. It’s heartbreaking at the same time because of why we’ve had to take to the streets. We should keep this same energy for the Democratic Party. Make them come to us. Make them cancel student debt. Make them give us Healthcare. Make them engage in more than just performative activism and virtue signaling in their efforts to address systemic racism and economic inequality. Most importantly, make them more afraid of us than they are of their corporate donors.

If you’ve protested since Geroge Floyd’s public lynching, prepare to protest just the same when Biden takes office. If Trump’s antics made you pay more attention to what our Chief Executive was doing, keep that same energy for when Biden is in his place. We’ve all seen and heard the crazy things that Biden has said, but we might not all know about the horrible bills he’s written & voted on.

Do you wake up every day praying like crazy that RBG is safe and healthy? Just remember that Biden helped confirm Antonin Scalia and completely trashed Anita Hill during Clarence Thomas’ screening. These are two of the most bigoted and misogynistic voices in Modern American politics. I’m not saying this to make you give up hope on the Supreme Court. I merely want you to understand the risks that come with a Biden Presidency. If we allow the corporate elite to sway him more than we can, then we’ll get an administration that’s just as harmful as Trump. I cannot let us delude ourselves into thinking that everything will be fine just because Trump is gone. I also can’t allow us to continue to be taken for granted by the Democratic party.

“Other Republican Presidents” as in George W. Bush…the guy that lied us into a whole war…One that she refused to impeach on War Crimes that she knew about since 2003.

Their bad policymaking and refusal to be an actual opposition to the GOP have destroyed our chances of living our best lives. We need to demand more from them in exchange for our votes and prepare to go to war with them to ensure that they honor their promises once in power. We’ve already seen this strategy pay off. Biden released a much-improved version of his Climate plan earlier this week after being hounded by the Sunrise Movement and other environmental activist groups. We can do this in every policy area if we want to. We do this in every single policy area not just because we can, but because we must in order to secure our collective future.

When they ask us how can we pay for Universal Healthcare, student debt cancellation, and housing, we need to ask them how in the hell are they paying for our wars now. We need to remind them of the corporate giveaways that they’ve engaged in, in the form of both tax breaks and economic stimulus packages that mainly benefit the wealthy and well-connected.

Lesser Evilism” gave us Trump. Who knows who we’ll end up with in a Post-Trump era?

The Democratic and Republican parties are both beholden to their corporate donors. They view their positions of power as a result of campaign donations from corporate overlords. We need to remind them that corporations are not people, and money is not speech, regardless of what the Supreme Court said. We need to remind them exactly who they work for. We, the people, need to take back control of our government and put the fear of God into any elected official that thinks they can get away with being beholden to anyone but us. We need to vote, but we also need to be clear on what we’re voting on. We need to have a more open discourse on what we would like to see from our elected officials. It’s long past time for a people’s takeover of the American government, and we, the youth, should lead the way!

Written by

25 year old Community Organizer from Hampton, VA. Student of Abolition & Anarcho- Communism.

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